Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One big question mark?????

This may or may not enter the world of publishing - time will tell. You all may have deduced that Rich forced me to resume my extremely clever and fascinating contributions via my former blog.
Yesterday I went to South shore with Jen to retrieve Gavin. It was an incredible drive as the quantity and quality of the snow was beyond description. And the icicles - fabulous. The return journey was very entertaining as Gavin was in the back seat chattering constantly as he made up stories about outer space and now and then he counted and then roared blast off - none of this in a gentle voice as he was telling the entire world to blast off - or so it seemed. It was hard to not giggle out loud.
My new house is surprizingly great - although not really organized as yet I eventually locate lost items. My life can be as peaceful as I choose - i.e. my door does close. Anyhow, it is very small but homey - there is certainly sufficient room for everything I need. I do miss my desk - it was such a great catchall.
I do have a request - stop the raindances. Love to all, Gramcie/Mom/Carol/whatever

Monday, March 21, 2011

First post on my new blog ...

and I have nothing to say.  So there!

For reference, my old blog with the forgetten password is:
  M-G Bloggy Foolishness

(all of the above was written by me, Gramcie's no good son Richard)