Sunday, May 22, 2011

Terry and Me

Yesterday Terry spent a few hours with me.  At some point I decided that he had watched quite enough television and so I suggested that we walk over to the wetlands.  He liked that idea and soon we were on our way with Terry carrying a magnificent creature residence that would have worked quite well for the frog he planned to find.  Once there we found that most of the water had gone its way but there was one pond that was somewhat lower than we were and sort of fenced in.  Anyhow, Terry was sure we could manage to go over or under the fence and down he went.  I cautiously followed him and found myself sliding awhile and then sitting in the dirt and rocks that had preceded me.  I announced that we would go no further and Terry agreed but he did find a lady bug which be bravely captured and gave it an ample home in his whatchacall it.  THEN we discovered a quite lovely ball in the weeds - perhaps baskedball size.  So Terry carried the ball and I the ladybug in its new abode.  Once home he let the lady bug go.  Then he decided we would go outside and play with the new ball but first he had something important to do.  He got a marking pen and printed his name on the ball and then announced that he would but my name on as I helped him find it.  He got Gram and then asked if it would be a C or an S next.  Once he had my "name" on he then drew a stick picture of the two of us bouncing the ball back and forth.  That is what we did til I ran out of steam.
When Jen picked him up he is set to leave with the ball tucked under his arm when he suddenly stopped and went back to find the pen and then carefully crossed my name off the ball and just as carefully crossed the picture off also.  So I no longer have half inerest in the ball but I did learn alot about bugs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There are no words

How to write about the "Greatest Trip Ever" seems impossible.  My goal is for any who read this to sense how extremely happy I was bouncing around on very bumpy roads and once in awhile on a paved road.  Rich was the perfect travel companion as he never seemed to think that there was any off the road drive that would be too much for me - I am so grateful that he didn't coddle me.  Thus I saw such interesting sites.  If I can manage to get pictures added to this you will get a sense of the incredible beauty of some areas and the fascination of other areas.
I attempted to keep a list of wild and not so animals that we saw.  The numbers were far less than we had expected but here goes.  In the 'we saw one catagory" are an antelope, a deer, a Western Burrowing Owl, a desert tortoise, the back half of a coyote (it was entering a cave), 4 wild horses, 4 burros(small donkeys), lots of lizards, rabbits and ground squirrels, 3 chickens and possibly a vampire chicken and a F16 Fighter Jet.  I will add that Rich helped in identifying some of these creatures.  Oh, yes, Rich saw a "very fast" rattle snake.  We also saw one enormous windfarm blade being hauled through Beattie.
I am trying to figure out what was the best of the bests and it seems impossible.  One highpoint was coming across the Emigrant Pass Road - this was East of the White Mountains - the multicolored hill sides were so beautiful.  The drive in heavy snowfall as we headed to Bishop - and on 80 as we headed home.  Probably Titus Canyon was the most amazing.  It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive the 16 miles to reach the canyon and 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the 8 miles actually through the canyon.  It is impossible to describe Titus Canyon - I can only advise that you put it on your list of future trips.  Unfortunately, my camera stopped taking pictures midway.  I was disappointed in Death Valley as I expected to see a valley filled with all kinds of cacti - not!
Oh, I almost forgot the music - especially Rich's beloved music from "American Idiot".  I cannot say that I really enjoyed it but I am glad that I heard it once! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home again - boo-hoo!

Hi, to all - I will write my version of the great journey when I am able to think.  Suffice to say at this point is that it was an absolutely wonderful adventure.  More another day - or night - or whatever. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Such a problem!

I have discovered that claiming brilliance leads to recognizing ignorance and thus writing a blog is nigh on impossible.  Then there is Greg who has been stuck welding for weeks now.  Janet pops on scene rather rarely - Shellie even more rarely and Karen seems lost in the world of blogging.  Rich posts pictures which leaves us totally using our imaginations re his life!  However, since I will be off on a vacation to some of my favorite places I think it rather nice to let you know that I am happily planning my wardrobe etc. for the great journey.
Tonight Satish is preparing a genuine Indian dinner for all of us.  He is such a delightful man that I am deter- mined to chew up and swallow gracefully whatever he prepares.  I am really grateful to know him and am enjoying learning bits and pieces about India.  As roommates goes he get an A plus.
Well, I do believe that I need to change my blog title and so am opening up a fantastic contest - "Name Gramcie's Blog" - the prize - well, perhaps just wonderful satisfaction that you (whoever you are) did it!
I am considering "Gramcie's Not So Brilliant Foolishness" but am sure that there is a more creative solution.  Love to all of you - M/G