Thursday, November 24, 2011

Absolutely fascinating rocks - Rich had to count them for his record keeping!

Poor Rich - his ears got so cold that he was

Poor Rich, his ears got so cold that he HAD to wear the hat that Karen loaned to me.

It is rather difficult to decide who is who - right?

It is difficult to tell that it is extremely difficult to get Rich to pose for a picture.

I like this picture - Rich does not.

Our first day - we both really enjoyed the beauty
of the orchards.

I don't remember just why Rich was holding
that tree in his hand.

Amazing - he was determined to grab
another tree.
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this and that scenic

road ahead - through a wildlife refuge

Strawberry fields (?) - yes, in snow!

My Mountain - better known as Black Butte
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

O.K. the moon was much prettier in person. But it was fun trying.
I'm trying to figure out what one needs to wear attacking Mt. Shasta - perhaps really warm clothing is all I need to think about. But one does have to consider one's image - doesn't one? Whatever mine might be!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Now, this does require using your imagination, as taking a picture of a mirror will always include reflections which confuse things. Such as the shopping bags hanging on my front door (and only exit from "my home") - generally they seem to remain there when I go shopping. Then there's the TV shelves and the picture of the cat carrying the fish. It also includes scenes within my bathroom that are not too scenic. But the great accomplishment if the multicolored very flat balloons adorning the mirror. That rather large mirror was so blah - especially when I was standing in front of it. Now I love it - lots of color and less of mirror. It is great on cloudy mornings and may help me survive the foggy days upcoming.  By the way, how do I get the lint or whatever out of my camera? - every picture I take has snow in it.

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