Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sorry, no picture!

About six o'clock Terry asked me to go hiking in the wetlands with him and my binoculars.  With some reluctance I did agree to delay my dinner for a hike.  So off we went, Terry with a backpack loaded with the equipment he hoped to need for capturing assorted bugs etc.  Unfortunately it was very hot outside (I later learned that it was 92 at seven which only means it was a few degrees hotter at six).  Anyhow, we found a small creek and enjoyed watching some very tiny fish darting hither and yon - totally uncatchable!  We moved on to follow trail through the wilderness - weeds, that is.  He almost caught a bug here and there.  I sort of headed us towards the walkway that would take us home - Terry was not pleased when he realized what was happening but I was too overheated to continue plodding through the weeds in the full sunlight.  Then we were going up the street and somehow stopped to admire a wading pool in a front yard with a little girl having a great time splashing.  Terry walked up closer to the pool and wonder of wonder he had the long evasive joy of a capture - he captured a snake.  Since his last snake has found its home someplace unknown this was joy beyond joy.  The frosting on the snake was that he caught it all by himself - a first!   

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A very special day!

Gavin is officially three! He spent a couple of hours with me - playing the guitar and learning how to use the computer. He actually did catch on to using the mouse.  Also, I did not pose him for the picture - he was walking around like a genuine troubadour.  Am I not the luckiest great grandmother?

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Janet - you have no idea!

Last night, while Puttering around on my computer I felt something crawling across my foot.  Yes, it was the blasted snake!  For some reason it frantically slithered off while I recovered from the shock.  Such is life in my new home!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Excitement on the homefront!

Several days ago I posted a picture of Terry's latest snake - a very pretty garden snake.  I have been its primary caregiver while Karen is off roaming with Barry.  Terry was here Sunday and got the snake out to enjoy - the snake had other ideas and put forth its horrendous smell and was quickly redeposited in its home.  Yesterday I discovered that the snake had departed its abode and was nowhere to be seen - that is until this morning.  That blasted snake was wrapped around my computer keyboard.  I figured I could catch it in a small towel but it was much faster than I.  Now, I will have to sleep knowing that that thing could creep across my bed at any moment.  Any suggestions on how to trap a snake would be welcomed!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Doesn't that look comfy?

You have no idea how many miles we hiked so Rich could find a comfortable place to rest. It was a quite lovely area - but then we had to hike back to the Jeep. Truthfully, this was in the Big Pines area and it was wonderful - except hiking back up the path.

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The fence that saved me!

Yes, I made it!

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